The Perfect Sunday

We read books in the afternoon

A lazy afternoon

Spent in each other’s company

With no words necessary

TTT Submission

She loved him but knew it won’t work. He loved her and prayed she’d stay.

Epic love can’t last forever, she said. His reply, “memories are photoshopped.”

TTT Submission

He was poor. So he played sting to serenade her.

25 years later sting performed at their anniversary.


A nameless faceless girl

Sheltered him in the night

And yet the other woman recieved

Yellow roses for this light

She watched in silent sorrow

And waited for tomorrow

When the couple wed in front of an audience

And she became the woman of no consequence


It isn’t that you’re perfect

It isn’t that we are perfect

It is that you make my world perfect

V Resorts, on its own, is not a typical startup in woman sector — it is not fashion, healthcare, lingerie, interior decoration, or content for that matter. V Resorts is aggregation of premium properties (4-rooms to 30-rooms) at offbeat and emerging locations, where it aims to present curated properties for an experiential holiday

In 2014, when the Founder of V Resorts decided to quit, I moved from the role of a nominee director to full-time CEO, building the company from scratch with new management and model.

V Resorts, on its own, is not a typical startup in woman sector —…

I think we are incompatible, said Henry.

Yes absolutely! Cried Jane and stomped off the table in a rage. As the cold autumn air hit her face she felt it sharply and realized why. Her cheeks were drenched in the tears that flowed freely and the wet sharpened the cold that she felt inside herself. She had walked out so furiously that she’d forgotten where she was and as she looked around she realized that nothing really looked familiar. She stopped to catch her breath…and saw a small diner a few steps away. Jane entered and took the first seat…

In a land far away, there lived a bear and wolf. The bear lived a content life with the wolf for he thought it to be a dog…warm and caring as she was…and they were happy. At times they fought, for the wolf would bare her teeth on occasion when challenged. This infuriated the bear and afraid of his wrath, the wolf calmed down and kept her secrets to herself.

Several years passed. One day, while the bear was out hunting, the wolf heard an enemy approach their territory. Terrified of an attack on its home, the wolf bared all…

Kanika Tekriwal

Several women are low-key, under the radar, keeping to their corner of the world. And then there are those who aren’t, who blow you away with their energy, conviction and vision to change the world. Kanika is all that. A pioneer in aviation, an industry that belongs to the exclusive, ‘only-boys-allowed’ club. She founded JetSetGo at just 21, that is now the Uber of the skies.

Kanika has seen, heard and felt it all. From being considered too young to be taken seriously to ferrying top officials and diplomats in her private charters, she’s one of the few…

My most unique travel experience shaped my life. And inspired me to start an empire. Here’s how it began.

In 2011, on of my trips to the hills, I went to Sattal — a picnic spot — as referred to by the locals’ way back then. A serene lake reflecting the green of pine trees stood flanked by 7 different shores (hence the name Sattal). I was so puzzled. Here was a beautiful place — with all the natural resources that people crave, so accessible to travellers from Delhi and yet it had almost no traffic. Compared to the erstwhile…

New learnings from the fables as applied to 2K20

The hare and the tortoise

The fables say that when the hare and tortoise raced together the tortoise won. He won because he was consistent — and the hare lost because he was arrogant and had taken a nap. So who do you want to be? The hare or the tortoise? I’d still pick the hare — for every race is not against a tortoise — and when the lion calls, the hare may still have a fighting chance. …

When I became an entrepreneur — fresh budding idealistic entrepreneur, I wondered how startups function in a policy vacuum. For the role of a startup is to disrupt the industry and if it does so, policies that govern them do not exist yet. So it must be a given that startups need government intervention. Which in itself poses a circular problem — if startups need policy then governments need to keep pace with them. And governments are not known for their speed.

The problem became quite visible to me when I applied for the Eisenhower Fellowship — a fellowship aimed…

Devita Saraf

I’m Aditi Balbir, mom, wife, and an entrepreneur. In building my business, I’ve learnt a lot along the way and I want to use this knowledge and understanding to help other amazing founders scale their business and follow their dreams. So every saturday, I talk to successful entrepreneurs who’ve done just that, in an endeavour to decode the startup world for newbies and incumbents alike.

Every interview has been unique and enlightening for me and I’m attempting to jot down the main learnings from each founder, should the viewers (myself included) need a follow-on.

Scaling with Devita Saraf

Eco-villages need commercial licenses to be able to stage their full potential and we ensure that they get them

12May, 2019

by Aditi Balbir

Big is not beautiful.

As humans, we are driven by the concept of ‘Scale’. We believe that scale provides economies (of scale) and these are attractive to investors. And businesses are able to attract large money to build that scale. But we fail to notice the astonishingly negative impact that scale brings to the environment.

Look at the food chain industry — a prime example of an industry that is failing due to its obsession with…

Aditi Balbir

Founder V Resorts, largest eco-tourism chain in India. Champion of sustainability. Winner UNWTO 2019. Strong network of Women Entrepreneurs.

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