Not Aesop Fables

Aditi Balbir
3 min readAug 31, 2020

New learnings from the fables as applied to 2K20

The hare and the tortoise

The fables say that when the hare and tortoise raced together the tortoise won. He won because he was consistent — and the hare lost because he was arrogant and had taken a nap. So who do you want to be? The hare or the tortoise? I’d still pick the hare — for every race is not against a tortoise — and when the lion calls, the hare may still have a fighting chance. And he would have learnt his lesson well — the lesson is this — don’t fall asleep during a race!!!

The ant and the grasshopper

The fables say that a grasshopper sang and made merry all summer while the ants worked. In the winter the grasshopper who had no home, was taken in by the ants. For they had worked hard to make their home to be able to withstand the winter. So who would you want to be? I’d pick the grasshopper — who was so lucky — all summer to be able to enjoy it thoroughly and all winter to be taken in by friends! So the lesson is this — enjoy your summers when family and friends can help you brace the winter!!!

The sour grapes

The fables say that a fox who was hungry couldn’t get to a bunch of grapes as they were too high. Instead of wasting too much time on them, he left convincing himself that they must be sour. The fox was smart — he did whatever it took to survive and did not waste his time on a fruitless exercise. So the lesson is this — enjoy what you have in your life, don’t waste your time on what others have.

The crow and the urn

The fables say that a thirsty crow filled an urn with pebbles so that the water level would rise and he could quench his thirst. They say that a big task can be done by small steps each day. But the crow was smart. And he thought laterally — and fixed his problem. The lesson is this — when common knowledge may not help solve your matters, think laterally — for every problem has a solution!

The lion and the mouse

The fables say that a mouse was once caught by a lion who took pity on him and let him go. The mouse in turn cut the ropes of the hunter who had set a trap for the lion and thereby repaid him for his kindness. The tale purports kindness but the real lesson is this — the world is fluid and you may be a lion now but not in the future — where the mouse may be more powerful than you. So treat everyone with respect. If you make an impression now, you may be rewarded for it in the future.



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