Winter Getaways: Give A Miss To Regular Destinations

  1. Head to the hills — Narkanda — This hamlet is perched high above Shimla, at an altitude of 8600 ft and so it is natural that it snow during this time. But the stays are equipped, and it’s the perfect time to sit cozy in the all-wooden chalets, sip warm apple cider and see the white extravaganza outdoors. For the more adventurous, it is the second most popular ski-ing destination in all of India. I must recommend the Yak tours, and the piping hot Maggie stations atop the peaks, making it quite the winter sojourn.
  2. Prefer the beach? — Give Goa a miss, try Kumta — This beach vacation lies a 3.5 hour journey south of Goa. And has everything — gorgeous beaches, clear waters, estuaries and forests and even a little bit of the hills. I don’t exaggerate when I say its India’s very own Greece — little islands spotting the oceans, Private hatch tours, eclectic cafes and splendid sea food. And like Greece, you can see the bioluminescence, small creatures that light up the water at night. (Recall Life of Pi?)
  3. Want a heritage holiday? — Orchha it is — Known for its temples and forts, this town is sadly more explored by foreigners than our own folk. Just a 15 minute drive from Jhansi, Orchha offers all things experience — picnics by the gushing river, rafting, heritage tours, foreign food and beautiful resorts. The wonderful Chanderi weavers are nearby for the shopaholics, as is the alligator reserve for river safaris. Orchha has a strong story and it will draw you in like you wont expect.
  4. Safari’s are the new draw, head to the less explored Panna — Tiger spotting is alluring domestic travellers to explore the wildlife parks, and several of them are already quite famous. Panna, the forest closest to Khajuraho is strangely less explored. I can tell you that the forest is quieter, the stays more exotic and the naturalists as good as any other park. But the most scenic proposition is the Pandava falls and caves, something different and definitely explore worthy.



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Aditi Balbir

Aditi Balbir


Founder V Resorts, largest eco-tourism chain in India. Champion of sustainability. Winner UNWTO 2019. Strong network of Women Entrepreneurs.