Go Local, Get Sustainable: Aditi Balbir, Founder & CEO, V Resorts is Strengthening the Experiential Travel Category

MAKERS India•4 June 2020

Aditi Balbir began V Resorts with the idea of managing and standardizing small inventory stays and resorts. The thesis resided on the large-scale supply of single owned properties in India that struggled with professional management, trained manpower and sales and distribution. The intent was to standardize the room quality to offer comfort stay and tailor make local experiences to draw tourists to a new destination. As she went about this project, she realized that micro tourism had immense benefits for the local economy. A small resort of 15 rooms was able to create jobs worth $20,000 pa, local income creation of $40,000 pa and environment impact of $30,000 pa. Ancillary benefits were huge, from women empowerment, skilling and training to local craft revival, economic opportunity and reverse migration. As the business went deeper, she realized that our project was checking all 12 of UNWTO’s sustainable development goals, and in fact had created what is now the buzz word — a circular economy in the process.

Today, V Resorts have over 150 properties across 20 states in India.

More about Aditi’s juorney on building and strengthening the experiential travel category only on MAKERS India.

Interviewed & video produced by Sutrishna Ghosh; Video edited by SivaPrasad Dokku

Originally Published on in.makers.yahoo.com



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Aditi Balbir

Founder V Resorts, largest eco-tourism chain in India. Champion of sustainability. Winner UNWTO 2019. Strong network of Women Entrepreneurs.