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2 min readApr 5, 2016


Biking Trails

A typical biking trip visualizes a set of stocky men with long beards, on their Harleys, cruising down the road in clusters, literally mowing down the other cars as they pass by in a gust of mud-swept wind. That would be true if the Group of bikers belonged to H.O.G (Harley owners group) or even the Enfeild Motor Club where enthusiasts motor all the way up to offbeat locations, sometimes driving from Delhi to Ladakh, Jaipur to Kanyakumari and other such exciting tours. And all that they carry on their backs are bag packs or cursory camping gear at best!

That of course, is one way to do it. If you belong to a biker club and you have a group of friends who are happy to accompany you, where preferably one of them is a mechanic!

I recommend the second way.

Now think of a month (days) long sojourn with your girlfriend, where the two of you set out to explore the world! More and more women are exploring biking and you’d be surprised at the response this may elicit for the more adventurous sort. Your journey would begin at dawn to beat the traffic and you’d travel for a few hours. You can break for breakfast, though bikers usually keep it light! Since you are travelling with your girlfriend, one can take frequent breaks to take in the sights, go for short walks and generally bask in each other’s company. Aim to reach your destination by dusk and relax with a warm bath and all the creature comforts.

A Suggested Itinerary

A good track for bikers could be to set off from Delhi at dawn, reach Rishikesh in 5 hours and break for the day. One can spend a relaxing day by the Ganges or try the plethora of adventure sports on display. The next day could be a beautiful drive by the Ganges to Landsdowne, a small hamlet in the hills just 2.5 hours from Rishikesh or trek up to Pauri to view the spectacular snow peaked ranges and fish for the Mahasir at Beas Ghat. The final stop would be new Tehri, 2 hours drive, where enthusiasts can paraglide or luxuriate by the lake. There are plenty of lovely offbeat resorts to choose from for your night stays along the way.

Some Do’s (and Don’ts)

Riders need to carry a spare wheel and puncture equipment. In addition, your backpacks can be tied at the rear. Weather checks are a must, to avoid rain and storm. While riding, meals must be light. A comfortable riding time is 5–6 hours in a day, though tough guys do over 12 hours of riding each day! And remember to reach your destination before dusk. Night riding or driving of any sort is not recommended!

So the next time you think of a biking trip, think romance along with adventure!



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